Tuesday 13 October 2009


Over the last two or so years, I have seen more than a few great concerts, among them Leonard Cohen (Bislet Stadion, Oslo, 2008), Metallica (Koengen, Bergen, 2008) and Muse (Dødens dal, Trondheim, 2007). All of these, and many others that I have seen in the same period of time, have been cool experiences, and these three are the three best concerts I've ever attended.

Well, they were.

As of three hours ago, they were collectively relegated to second place. See, three hours ago, Green Day went on stage at Oslo Spektrum.

Now, my expectations of this concert, were not so much great as unattainably high. I knew that I had most likely (I put the odds at 10:1 against) set myself up to be disappointed.

I wasn't. Within less than five minutes, any level of expectation I might have set, were not only met, but greatly exceeded.

After opening with the first few tracks off 21st Century Breakdown, they started mixing it up, playing songs from their entire catalog. Teasing the audience with classic Green Day hits as well as their newest material, they also made sure that noone in the audience left the arena without a sore throat, enticing shouts of "Hey! Hey! Hey!", "one-two-one-two-three-four" and "Heeeey-Oh!".

Billie-Joe Armstrong is in as good shape as ever, and shows it off by running around the stage like a kid on serious amounts of sugar and speed.

As usual, it all culminated with "Time of your life (Good Riddance)", to unison singing from the audience.

Billie-Joe Armstrong, Trè Cool and Mike Dirnt have given me one of the finest musical experiences I can ever remember.

Edit: Here's the set list for the concert

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