Tuesday 17 June 2008

Norwegian Wood - Madrugada Live

I finally had the opportunity of seeing Madrugada live, though sadly without Robert Burås (RIP). Norwegian Wood was a great experience, and I am looking forward to both Øyafestivalen and next years' Norwegian Wood. They also played a great version of "Majesty" from their album "Grit". Find the video here.

Monday 16 June 2008

The comic that changed my view on comics

I've been reading comic books for ages; I can't remember when I started, but I sure haven't stopped, a fact to which one of my shelves at home bears testament.

A few years ago, when I was a freshman in senior high school, I discovered a comic book that would change my outlook on comics. Well, I say comic, but really, it was a graphic novel.

The graphic novel in question was called "Death: the high cost of living", and is written by Neil Gaiman. It tells the story of how Death spends a day every century or so as a human.

The way it changed my outlook was this: it made me realize that comics doesn't have to be funny, they can be dead (sic!) serious pieces of heavy literature, and they can broach important and at times touchy subjects.

Ever since, I've loved Neil Gaiman's authorship, and I still pick out my own copy of Death every now and again, in order to remind myself what it was fascinated me.

Oslo Live - WTF???

The city of Oslo has decided to freaking take over the rutting Quart-festival, that recently had to announce it was bankrupt, and wasn't going to happen.

The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet reports this tonight.

Now, my question is: WHY??? Oslo already has two festivals of the kind; Norwegian Wood last weekend, and the Øyafestivalen in August. Not to mention Musikkens dag Oslo and Granittrock that are free festivals.

Sunday 15 June 2008

What's this? an update? Whoa...

Since it's very nearly been two months since my last post, I thought it was time to write a little.

Since I wrote here last, I've seen not only Gavin deGraw, but also a lovely canadian singer-songwriter called Hayley Sales. I also decided to attend the Norwegian Wood-festival, where I saw Rufus Wainwright and Madrugada. All great fun.

I'v also been playing around a bit with URL-forwarding, meaning that my blogs now are known as (this'un) and (the technical'un).

I've also kept up with my self-imposed thrice weekly posting schedule, and I've got four weeks' worth of posts written up.

I've bought a bike, a very cool Merida Cruiser, which I had to return for repairs the next day, as the crank wasn't properly fixed.

Also, my couch has arrived! It looks great and is just as comfy as I hoped.

I am planning to post more here in time to come, and I think I'll start to cover subjects such as books, music, movies and so on.

That's all for now

See ya!