Monday 31 March 2008

Teh Concertedness

I've got the world's greatest girlfriend!!!

In addition to the aforementioned concerts, she has bought tickets to not one, but two concerts I want to go to; Gavin deGraw and Leonard Cohen (Leonard effing Cohen, how amazing is that? He hasn't been to Norway to play a concert for over ten years!!!), making the lineup as follows:

  • Band: Dropkick Murphys
  • Location: Sentrum Scene/Oslo
  • Date: April 1st
  • Band: the Misfits
  • Location: Betong/Oslo
  • Date: April 29th
  • Band: Gavin deGraw
  • Location: Sentrum Scene/Oslo
  • Date: June 3rd
  • Band: Leonard Cohen
  • Location: Bislet Stadion/Oslo
  • Date: July 1st
  • Band: Metallica
  • Location: Koengen/Bergen
  • Date: July 16th
  • Band: Iron Maiden
  • Location: Valle Hovin/Oslo
  • Date: July 24th
  • Band: R. E. M.
  • Location: Ullevaal Stadion/Oslo
  • Date: September 3rd

The year of concerts eh?

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